Thursday, April 5, 2007

Alina Kabaeva bio and pics

Alina Kabaeva
Alina Kabaeva was born May 12, 1983 in Tashkent. Family legend says that younger Kabaev distinguish very optimistic view of the world, and unlike many of his peers in sports it began zanimtsa not from the sticks. Trainer Kabaeva Irina builders will recognize talent its students and made preparations for it to the greatest heights. Broadband largest quickly materialize - Alina has won three European Championship 1998-2000, twice world champion in 1999 and 2001. Fans were expecting that it was very robust wins and the Olympics in Sydney. But, alas, his dream did not come justified by events in Australia Alina waving proud in the finals of the Olympic tournament, and as a result was only third, and first visited Julia Barsukova. To better switch after Sydney, Alina was trying to be the actress and model. In particular, played in the Japanese film Red Shadow was the one well-known company, the sponsor of the Olympic Committee of Russia.

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