Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kabaeva was not ready for the Grand Prix.

The reason for the setback by the sixth stage of the Grand Prix in artistic gymnastics in the Czech Brno Olympic Champion, a multiple title Europe and the world Alina Kabaeva, ranked sixth in mnogoborie has is its lack of readiness for competition. The agency, "All sports," said chief coach of Russia for artistic gymnastics Irina Wiener. "Alina is not ready for the event, noted Dr. Wiener. - Second, prior to the Grand Prix long taken care trauma. Secondly, in this period, we are preparing a new exercise on bulawami under folk motives. Kabaeva should never have been involved at this stage of the Grand Prix! But in the Brno Grand Prix was held for the first time.
Add to be satisfied with our very good friends. They are asked to come Alin to the segment even a special invitation sent. And she simply could not refuse. The Kabaeva zavalila ball, leaving only the sixth in mnogoborie. All the forces we threw at the proper bulavs ... And bulavs it completed well even hit the finals, winning fourth place. But without medals Kabaeva has been left, won gold roping. "

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